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Aspenne's Library is a children's book publishing agency started by Patricia Bellamy-Mathis, MSW in 2021. Patricia is a mother, wife, author, educator and social worker who has a passion for expanding children's exposure to literature that features black and brown characters and gives power to Black and brown stories. Aspenne's Library is named for Patricia's daughter, Aspenne, who inspired Patricia to move from passion to action.

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The world's libraries lack literature that features black and brown characters; therefore, black and brown children don't often get to see themselves reflected in books.

Books are a peak into many a worlds, known and unknown; so should the characters and stories be limited, so will the mind.

Children deserve to have their minds blown by beautiful images that resemble them and their families, positive stories that they can relate to and learn from, and cultural representation that goes beyond media highlights.

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It is Aspenne's Library's mission to curate children’s books and literature that:

  1. highlights the Black and brown experience

  2. promotes Black and brown success

  3. provides mirror images for our Black and brown children to relate to while reading

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