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10 Books in 10 Days - Day 1

As we head into February, Black History Month & Aspenne's birth month - we decided it would be a great time to feature some of the great titles we're reading!

On Day 1, we're reading:

Bedtime Bonnet by Nancy Redd, illustrated by Nneka Myers

Book Summary:

In my family, when the sun goes down, our hair goes up!

My brother slips a durag over his locs.

Sis swirls her hair in a wrap around her head.

Daddy covers his black waves with a cap.

Mama gathers her corkscrew curls in a scarf.

I always wear a bonnet over my braids, but tonight I can't find it anywhere!

Aspenne and I love to read this bedtime story! Though, at almost 2-years old, both bedtime and wearing a bonnet can be a challenge, we love this story and how it highlights all the different hairstyles you can find in the Black family, all the different wraps we use to protect our hair and the love of this extended family that lives in one home.

Take a read - We hope you enjoy Bedtime Bonnet as much as we do!

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