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Summer Reading Camp

This Saturday, I had the opportunity to be a special guest author at Summer Reading Camp, a program curated by Daisha Chapman and wow I was blown away!! (scroll to see photos)

First of all, Daisha is a lover of literacy (has been since she was a child) and she’s instilling that love in her own two daughters, and now into her community with Summer Reading Camp. She’s offering a safe, fun space for kids and families to come enjoy everything literacy related and she’s doing it FREE of charge!! Kids not only get a dope literacy session each time, but also snacks, physical activity brain breaks and AS MANY BOOKS AS THE CAN CARRY!! Daisha’s community has rallied behind her in support, providing hundreds and I’m sure nearly 1000 books for the kids of Summer Reading Camp to receive!

So as the guest author I did a read aloud of “Down South for the Summer” and a fun alphabet activity afterward because one of my favorite games while road tripping was the license plate game!! The kids enjoyed it!

When asked my two favorite follow up questions:

1. What could you relate to? Sweet Amelia here shared that she’s tender headed too (me too, me too 🤙🏾 til’ this day!)

2. What was your favorite page? Multiple kids shared this sleeping page…some because the scenery shifts to dark, some because you can see the lightning strikes, some because rainstorms help them sleep too, and what I’ve also heard about this page is that the kids love that my voice gets lower as I whisper while the kids sleep.

👀👀 I also gave these young readers the first ever read aloud of “Aspenne Colors the Neighborhood” by Patricia Bellamy-Mathis and yalllll they warmed my heart. From the youngest (pre-k) to the oldest in the room (7th grade) they thoroughly enjoyed the book and participated on every page!! I’m excited for “Aspenne Colors the Neighborhood” and I want yall to be excited too!! Pre-order information will be coming soon!!

Follow up @aspennes.library on Instagram

Daisha Chapman, Summer Reading Camp Creator
Summer Reading Camp

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