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10 Books in 10 Days - Day 9

As we head into February, Black History Month & Aspenne's birth month - we decided it would be a great time to feature some of the great titles we're reading!

On Day 9, we're reading:

Black is a Rainbow Color by Angela Joy, illustrated by Ekua Holmes

Book Summary:

A child reflects on the meaning of being Black in this moving and powerful anthem about a people, a culture, a history, and a legacy that lives on.

Red is a rainbow color.

Green sits next to blue.

Yellow, orange, violet, indigo,

They are rainbow colors, too, but

My color is black . . .

And there’s no BLACK in rainbows.

From the wheels of a bicycle to the robe on Thurgood Marshall's back, Black surrounds our lives. It is a color to simply describe some of our favorite things, but it also evokes a deeper sentiment about the incredible people who helped change the world and a community that continues to grow and thrive.

Stunningly illustrated by Caldecott Honoree and Coretta Scott King Award winner Ekua Holmes, Black Is a Rainbow Color is a sweeping celebration told through debut author Angela Joy’s rhythmically captivating and unforgettable words.

Our Thoughts:

We celebrate our blackness all year round. And the celebrations in Black is a Rainbow Color are so beautifully written and illustrated. Aspenne gravitates toward this book for all the beautiful colors of the rainbow that are displayed. And me, I'm here for the words. The bits and pieces of history that are shared are just enough to spark curiosity and interest. I'm excited for the day that Aspenne asks, "well what does that mean?" so we can talk more about the history that is share and head to the good ole internet and look things up. Sidenote: How beautiful is the little Black girl on the cover!!

"Black is a color, Black is a culture" and for this reason I ask that you please capitalize the B when discussing Black as who someone is, as who we are, as who you are!

Hope all enjoy this read!

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